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Characteristics of a Highly Respected Leaders

Leaders that learn to give respect, act with integrity and behave in a reliable way will earn the respect that will influence, motivate and inspire a business to achieve its goal.


A great attitude

Your attitude has an impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you. People with positive attitudes are an enjoyment to work and are successful in developing close working relationships.

A leader with positive energy creates a pleasurable working environment where employees feel motivated and inspired to accomplish the tasks that will help achieve goals. A positive attitude is highly infectious, extremely motivating and helps to foster a ‘can do’ sales culture.



Maintaining integrity is important for leaders as they are appointed to a senior positions and given power to make decisions that affect the sales force, the business and customers. Those who act with integrity are truly authentic, they have the quality of being honest and also show strong moral and ethical principles.

They also display consistency in their approach to dealing with people, managing tasks and getting the job done. No one will respect someone viewed as unreliable.

To be respected by customers and colleagues you must have integrity and stand by your word and always deliver on commitments.



A well liked and truly respected sales leader has the ability to step into someone else’s shoes, be aware of their feelings and understand their needs. By understanding others empathic sales leaders are able to develop closer more rewarding relationships.

An empathic leader demonstrates a deep respect for colleagues at all levels and makes everyone feel respected and an important part of team. They have the ability to make people feel liked, valued and respected which in turn gains loyalty, boosts morale and keeps staff engaged.



Communication is the process of sending and receiving information among people and is one of the most important life skills. The importance of effective communication should not be under-estimated.

Poor communication results in a complete lack of understanding and often puts stress and strain on relationships. The way in which you communicate determines how people will see you.

Respected leaders use communication to develop relationships and spread knowledge and understanding.



Successful leaders strive to reach their potential. They are receptive to receiving feedback as they know it significantly helps them to grow personally and professionally. It’s great to hear about the good things but it is way more helpful to hear about some of the areas that could be improved.

Asking for constructive feedback helps create humility and improve self-awareness. It helps people recognise their short comings and prompts the necessary action required to improve knowledge, skills and attitude in the workplace.


Recognition and praise

Successful leaders recognise that appreciation is a fundamental human need. Recognising achievements and giving praise is essential to an outstanding workplace, as people want to be respected and feel valued for their contribution, hard work and loyalty.

There are many ways of giving recognition and praise in the workplace such as financial rewards, promotion, mention in a newsletter etc. However, the simple act of saying ‘thank you’ costs nothing and has great impact and influence.

Leaders who find time to express sincere gratitude to others form stronger and more loyal relationships with employees.


Insightful questions

Effective sales leaders understand the power of insightful questions. Rather than telling people what to do successful sales leaders ask thoughtful questions that allow people to think for themselves.

They recognise that telling mode is dangerous as it locks out the opportunity for people to explore their understanding and come up with the best possible conclusion.

Questions serve as a catalyst to understanding and exploration. Skilful sales leaders ask insightful questions that are more likely to resonate powerfully in the mind and heart of the person they are trying to help.

Asking questions demonstrates that you have a genuine interest in what other people have to say, this will earn respect and loyalty from staff.



People that fully understand their limitations and don’t pretend to be better and more informed than anyone else are far more respected and liked by others.

Successful and highly respected leaders are fully aware of the limits of their own capability. They recognise the importance of having new skills and know-how in the team that will help take the business further forward.

They deliberately set out to recruit smarter people in order to gain advantage and have the best possible chance of achieving sales goals.


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